Why this website exists

This website is devoted to providing accurate, useful information on the proper care and feeding of Geochelone sulcata tortoises, which are also known as African Spurred Tortoises, African Spur-Thighed Tortoises, African Desert Tortoises, or by various other names.

How to use this website

Please take some time to browse this site. Make sure you read the Start Here!, Basic Care, and Diet Pages, if nothing else. If you have specific questions, please join Sulcata Station's Yahoo Group so that you can communicate with other sulcata tortoise keepers.

Important Info:

Please, do your research before you bring home a sulcata tortoise. Like most exotics, these are not easily-kept pets. These tortoises get VERY large, VERY quickly, and they can live well over 50 years. They DO NOT hibernate in winter so you must keep them warm, feed them, and clean up after them year-around.

Reptile rescue organizations nationwide are overwhelmed with rescued sulcata tortoises. If you don't plan to keep the tortoise forever, don't get it in the first place. And please don't breed your sulcata tortoises.

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